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Limited Edition heavyweight 180g Vinyl EP - PURSUIT by KWALIA, available now! Following the success of his ‘Wallflower’ and ‘Cloak’ LP’s, breakthrough artist Jordan Rakei has teamed up with classical composer Richard Melkonian for something entirely new, releasing their debut EP ‘PURSUIT’ under the name ‘KWALIA’. Joining the dots between their respective musical sensibilities, a hybrid sound incorporating free moving jazz rhythms, Rakei’s soulful vocals and Melkonian’s Armenian harmonies came to fruition. A deep, melodic and emotive journey, the EP features string quartet, woodwind live band and heavy synths throughout. ‘PURSUIT’ is an authentic blend of two entirely different musical worlds that complement one another in an entirely new way. Rakei’s expressionist lyrics unashamedly explore questions about faith, God, identity and power structures. Several of these themes came about through discussions between Rakei and Melkonian and the musical structures of each track follow this free-form enquiry; ideas are allowed to flow, unexpected tangents form and no predetermined song-form is ever adhered to. Running at 22 minutes in length, the EP is comprised of three long compositions. Due for release on 27th July - vinyl shipping estimated to be shortly on or before this date.




Written and produced by Jordan Rakei and Richard Melkonian


a1) void (6:02)

Rakei - Vocals / Bass / Piano / Drums

Melkonian - String & Woodwind arr.

Rakei & Melkonian - Synths / Keyboards

Sophie Creaner - Bass Clarinet / Bb Clarinet / Flute

Rachael Gladwin - Harp

Chloë Stowers-Veitch - Violin

Si Richards - Viola

Thomas Marlin - Cello

Drums & Harps recorded at Old Paradise Audio


a2) pulse (6:02)

Rakei - Vocals

Melkonian - String arr.

Rakei & Melkonian - Synths / Keyboards

Sophie Belinfante - Violin I

Sophie Poteratchi - Violin II

Chloë Stowers-Veitch - Viola

Thomas Marlin - Cello


b1) the waves (9:06 )

Rakei - Vocals / Guitar

Melkonian - String arr. / Piano / Guitar / Saxophone

Rakei & Melkonian - Synths / Keyboards

Jonny Wickham - Double Bass

Arthur Newell - Drums

Sophie Belinfante - Violin I

Sophie Poteratchi - Violin II

Chloë Stowers-Veitch - Viola

Thomas Marlin - Cello

Rick David & Melkonian - Additional Vocals


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rick David at Pink Bird Recording Co.

© 2018 Pink Bird Recording Co. All Rights Reserved.


  • "On Pursuit, they continue the fruitful partnership with three-long compositions that meld meandering jazz rhythms with Rakei's achingly beautiful vocal work" "In support of the EP, the duo have offered up a full stream of "Void," a stunning six-minute epic, available via the player below. - XLR8R


    Listen to Void here.


    "'The Waves' is a superb fusion of their disparate influences, the mellifluous arrangement in a perpetual state of flux, grinding dissonance leading to soothing ambience.

    Jordan Rakei's vocal continually strains against the rules, displaying the same daring that flooded through Tim Buckley's late 60s work." - CLASH


    Listen to 'The Waves' here.

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