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Limited Edition double-disk vinyl LP Antiphon by Alfa Mist.


These copies are now Extremely Limited and rare white label editions of Antiphon. As they were not part of the original deliveries, they are unsigned and un-numbered First Pressings.


Created around a conversation with his brothers, Alfa blends melancholy Jazz harmony with alternative hip-hop and soul.




Alfa Mist - Keys/Piano, Kaya Thomas-Dyke - Bass (3,6,8) Vocals (3,4) Jamie Houghton - Drums (1,2,3,4,6,8), Rudi Creswick - Bass (1,2,4,5,7)

Jamie Leeming - Guitar (1,2,3,7), Johnny Woodham - Trumpet (1,4,7)

Maria Medvedeva - Alto Saxophone (1,3,6), Mansur Brown - Guitar (2,6,7)

Gaspar Sena - Drums (5,7), Jordan Rakei - Vocals (2,3),

Tobie Tripp - Violin/Strings (4), Lester Salmins - Violin/Strings (3).


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rick David at Pink Bird Recording Co.


Artwork by Kaya Thomas-Dyke

Alfa Mist - Original First Press Antiphon Double LP Vinyl

  • Please DO NOT order more than 1 copy even if it is for a friend, as you will be refunded the difference.

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